Added Plex Technology, found in all our products, cushions your hair against chemical damage and protects against frizz. 


Luna's Repair Regime effectively caters to the needs of dry, damaged, and frizzy hair by addressing structural irregularities in the cuticle layer, which lead to increased porosity and moisture loss, resulting in frizz and weakened appearance. The Repair range offers deep nourishment and protection, penetrating the hair shaft to repair damage, reduce breakage, and enhance manageability and shine through a blend of conditioning agents, UV filters, proteins, and vitamin E, acting at a molecular level.


Specifically designed to address the needs of parched and dry hair, which lacks moisture and often experiences increased frizz, dullness, and rough texture, making it more prone to breakage and difficult to style. Dry hair can also suffer from environmental damage and lack the natural shine and smoothness associated with well-hydrated hair. The Luna Hydrate Range, with its potent blend of humectants, oils (including castor, olive, argan, avocado, coconut, and jojoba), shea butter, evening primrose oil, UV filter, vitamins C and E, and 'plex' technology, deeply hydrates and repairs the hair by penetrating and coating the hair shaft, locking in moisture, and smoothing the cuticle, resulting in improved softness and manageability.


Specifically formulated to address the needs of fine and delicate hair, which often lacks volume and body and is prone to tangling, breakage, and difficulty holding styles. Luna Volume Shampoo features a mild surfactant system infused with humectants, sunflower seed, guar gum, and volumizing molecular chains, along with 'plex' technology to nourish and soften hair while maintaining weightlessness. The conditioner utilizes cationic molecules to smooth the hair cuticle, reduce friction, and enhance manageability without weighing it down, with ingredients like panthenol, proteins, 'plex' technology, and volumizing molecular chains to boost body and style.


Buildup on hair, characterized by residue from styling products and conditioners, can lead to several issues including a dull appearance, decreased volume, reduced manageability, scalp issues, and ineffective styling. Luna Detox Shampoo is specially formulated to remove this buildup, using clarifying agents to lift residues from both hair and scalp. Its potent blend of surfactants and enriching ingredients refreshes and revitalizes, promoting clean, healthy hair and scalp with once-a-week use.


Enriched with amino acids, this revolutionary haircare technology builds hair strength, reinforces hair bonds, and strengthens your hair’s natural defences. The result? Beautiful healthy hair that looks great every day – even if you perm, bleach, highlight or colour.

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